Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our vision for the 18th Biennial ISATT Conference 2017. It will be our pleasure to welcome delegates from around the world and to learn from all the valuable expertise gathered here in Salamanca.

The university of Salamanca (USAL) is the oldest university of Spain and the fourth oldest European university in operation. It was founded in 1134 and credited as such by Royal charter at the time of King Alfonso the Ninth in 1218. Therefore just a few months after the conference we will be celebrating the 8th centenary of our university. The ISATT conference will be included as part of the preparations for this country-wide event and experts and colleagues from multiple fields will be invited to take part in it. Salamanca, has been sometimes recalled as the Oxford of Spain, a youthful energetic city immersed in the paces of its university.

We invite candidates to contribute to the conference theme: “Teaching search and research”. Similarly to the reciprocity between the city of Salamanca - which has grown on the shoulders of the university- and the university -which has forged its identity from the rich heritage of the city - the essence of this conference aims to capture the mutual interrelations between the academia and schools in order to combine discourses and align positions. The particular interest is to bring practice into theory and theory to practice. Education needs a genuine understanding between these two worlds in order to offer adapted responses to multiple problems and increasingly diverse contexts.

The city of Salamanca is a usual scenario for international conferences in many disciplines. As a team we have previous experience in organizing national and international conference (especially Latin-American). Our conference organization team will be seriously committed to offer the best experience of our university, city and country and will be pleased to help in any respect. Our own enthusiasm and efforts combined with the delegates’ participation and motivation will make the conference a rich environment in which to share new ideas an promote critical thinking. The program will be filled with stimulating plenary lectures, thought-provoking presentations as well as engaging workshops and roundtables.

It will be a real pleasure to welcome you to Salamanca for ISATT 2017. We look forward to having the chance to showcase our city, a warm picturesque medieval town which has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988.