We invite candidates to contribute to the conference theme: “Teaching search and research”. Similarly to the reciprocity between the city of Salamanca - which has grown on the shoulders of the university- and the university -which has forged its identity from the rich heritage of the city - the essence of this conference aims to capture the mutual interrelations between the academia and schools in order to combine discourses and align positions. The particular interest is to bring practice into theory and theory to practice. Education needs a genuine understanding between these two worlds in order to offer adapted responses to multiple problems and increasingly diverse contexts.

The city of Salamanca is a usual scenario for international conferences in many disciplines. As a team we have previous experience in organizing national and international conference (especially Latin-American). Our conference organization team will be seriously committed to offer the best experience of our university, city and country and will be pleased to help in any respect. Our own enthusiasm and efforts combined with the delegates’ participation and motivation will make the conference a rich environment in which to share new ideas an promote critical thinking. The program will be filled with stimulating plenary lectures, thought-provoking presentations as well as engaging workshops and roundtables.


Searching is looking at people, objects and situations carefully in order to find something concealed or to discover something beyond the ordinary. This is what teachers do in their classrooms and it represents their hidden practical knowledge. Researching is any systematic inquiry into a subject in order to discover new facts or to refute educational theories, a process typically rendered for Teacher Educators and researchers. We aim at bringing together both “search” and “research” with the purpose of offering solutions to real problems.

Therefore the ISATT 2017 will encourage submissions that examine the diverse teaching contexts and the many changes occurring across education research and practice: from design to implementation. All areas where learning and pedagogy have decisive presence are susceptible to be included. ISATT 2017 is conceived as an open forum to share research works and teaching experiences in early childhood, elementary and secondary school education as well as tertiary education.


The scope of the conference includes the following sub‐themes:

  • The development of knowledge and understanding of teaching practices.
  • Social competencies and problem-solving competencies.
  • Engaging learning environments
  • Sustainability of learning and teaching practices.
  • Innovative practices and ICT (i.e., virtual platforms, mobile & augmented learning, flipped learning, etc.)