Salamanca has a larder that is the envy of many, with top quality and own- named assorted products such as lentils, cherries, cereals, cheeses, wines, honey and olive oil as well as the well-known Ibérico pork from Guijuelo (Quality Designation of Origin). And do not forget the high quality tapas you can taste in town. These appetizers spearhead the regional gastronomical innova.on and are always full of flavours and excellently well balanced in mouth.

This is a type of cuisine that looks at eating in a different way exploring colours, aromas and savors . It has nothing to do with snobbism, it is all about magnifying the taste of every bite of a meal.

Río de la Plata El Pecado
El Alquimista Lis
Vida&Comida El Monje
Le Sablon La hoja 21
Mencía Casa Paca
Don Mauro Víctor Gutiérrez
Zazu bistro El mesón de Gonzalo
La cocina de Toño Corrillo
Ruta de la plata/El patio chico Mesón Cervantes
El Bardo Jero
La Dehesa. El oso y el madroño